ClampsPneumatic & Electric

PHD Pneumatic Clamps and their electric variations are for use in automated sheet metal stamping in transfer presses, welding, metal forming, and assembly applications

Pneumatic Escapements

PHD offers pneumatic escapements ideal for the release of parts from vibratory feeders, hoppers, or part magazines as part feeders.

CylindersPneumatic & Electric

Pneumatic and electric PHD cylinders are offered in a wide range of styles, sizes, and options for automated manufacturing, packaging, assembly applications and more

Grippers – Pneumatic & Electric, Angular & Parallel

he wide variety of options provides flexibility to utilize the best end effector for pick and place, industrial assembly, and end of arm tooling for robotic automation systems

Multi-Motion ActuatorsPneumatic

PHD Multi-motion actuators are ideal for part turnaround and orientation operations in automated manufacturing.

Rotary Actuators

Many of PHD Rotary  styles include single and double rack versions to provide additional control and force, and can also be ordered with many accessories to meet automated industrial manufacturing requirements.

Switches – Sensors

PHD offers a wide variety of proximity switches and sensors to create an easy interface between the different controllers, logic systems, and PHD actuators utilized in automation and industrial manufacturing.

Linear SlidesPneumatic & Electric

PHD powered linear slides include thruster and gantry styles, and operate using air or electric power sources. PHD offers more than 12 different styles of guided linear slides

Blow Molding Equipment

PHD offers a range of blow molding equipment for the manufacturing of bottles and other plastic containers. These products are drop-in replacement solutions for Sidel® and Krones® and other stretch blow molding machines