Cement Industry

Grinding and Storing Limestone

Limestone is extracted from warehouses; It is sent to the containers to be mixed with the halci and other additives, by means of a tape. In the final stage, this mixture is ground very finely. As a result of this process, a product in the form of gray powder is formed. This product is “CEMENT”. Cement is stored in large warehouses called “silos”.


This production process requires very high energy and consumes very high energy. For this reason, automation systems are needed to save energy, to meet the needs of our age, to meet quality and to optimize production.High standard and quality, safe and low cost ready to use automation projects are carried out by our experienced and professional team.


The important points we consider during the project work are as follows:


  • Safety;
  • High Quality;
  • Energy Saving;
  • Revision;
  • Optimizing the process;
  • Lower Costs;
  • Alarm and diagnostics

References in the Cement Industry