Machinery Industry

Hydraulic, Mechanical, Rubber, Press Brake Automation

In order to minimize energy losses and reduce production costs due to developing competition conditions, due to the high cost of new presses; without changing the mechanics of the revised presses, the hydraulic and automation system is renewed and brought into production. Our PLC system is built with Siemens I/Os.


Our technique:


Ram drops fast up to 50% of the entered value in rapid fall. Remaining 50% is proportioned to 20 slices and soft deceleration is provided to the deceleration distance. The pressure change distance during shaping is proportional to 3 slices, and the ram reaches the maximum pressure value required for shaping the part, according to the distances entered from the operator panel and the proportional values.


The system controls proportional cards using flow and pressure feedback values. The ramps of all proportional movements in the system can be entered one by one from the operator panel. This system, “Spinning” and “Deep drawing” presses, is an indispensable necessity of variable hydraulic system control.

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