Training Activities

Practical Training and Seminars

Nowadays,in the rapidly developing world, technology has taken its place in every field. Control technology continues to evolve rapidly. The control technologies may differ according to the systems or we can control the same system with different control technologies.


With the help of control technologies, better quality and cheaper production can be made. Therefore, the importance of control technologies is gradually increasing and sufficient expert and technical staff are needed to meet this increasing demand. Unfortunately, the expert staff in automation is insufficient in our country.


Simtek Automation is ready to do its part in this regard. It is one of our goals to train expert and technical staff in automation issues by organizing “Trainings and Seminars”.


At the same time, it provides basic and advanced level applied automation trainings to maintenance groups in industrial establishments. In these applied automation trainings, controller, operator panel training, robotics training and motion control devices training are provided.

Our trainers have years of experience in their fields. They have the ability to transfer their knowledge and experience to their students and they have a good command of the subjects. Our trainers, who also have other features, can successfully motivate the students to the lesson. At the end of these trainings, the participants are able to detect the faults of the machines in their areas of responsibility faster and to eliminate the faults. Thus, the trained technical personnel gain the ability to intervene in software changes on the machine.


We mainly organize trainings and seminars on the following topics:


– Controller (PLC) Programming Training;
– Operator Panel Programming Training;
– WinCC Training;
– WinCC Flexible Training;
– Siemens Simotion Training;
– Siemens PLC Training
– Siemens TIA Portal Training;
– Robotics Training
– Various Seminars